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This site is designed to provide you with enough information about our school and its environment for us to make an informed decision about facilities for you at Bhuvanagiri. We are conscious that many factors play a part in your selection of what will be the right school. Many of these relate to educational standards but other give equal importance to the environment. As a school, we are in the fortunate position of being able to combine the experience and reputation which comes from over a 25 years of activity finally, if you find that site does not give all the information you need, please contact our school, we will be pleased to hear from you, find out the answer to your questions. Whatever your final decision .I wish you will in your children studies and their future career. Many parents advised, suggested and requested us to start intermediate. We are very happy and confident to say that from this academic year we are starting ISC. New Delhi. We have given detailed information about our school and its environment with spectacular photographs. If you not satisfied with this, please make a visit to our alma mater Bhuvanagiri public school. We will be pleased to clarify your doubts. We wish you to have right decision in right time. What ever may be your response we wish all the best in your children career. Entering the portals of Bhuvanagiri Public School is like entering a temple. We have a high peak of academic success and a huge tally of gold and silver medals in co-curricular activities, games and sports which kept the Bhuvanagiri Public School banner flying high. Total personality development with emphasis on spoken English and imbibing virtues and the students are trained to be 'Good and Smart'. This site seeks to give you a glimpse of Bhuvanagiri Public School. Activities and the position of the school in terms of academic excellence, co-curricular activities, games and sports. It also reflects the flourishing creativity of students, their thoughts and ideas.

Aims and Objectives

The Bhuvanagiri Public School is designed to be a residential English medium school for both boys and girls, founded by "Raja Krishna Educational Society:. The chief aim of this school is to serve the society with the right type of education coupled with good disciplinary system. On the other hand, the Bhuvanagiri public school has come into existence mainly because of the dire need of quality education in our part of the country. The present day situation of failing standards and failing values is particularly due to the negligence of education at school level. If any change is to be brought about to transforms the collapsing situation, it can only change is to be brought about to transform the collapsing situation, it can only be done by providing serene and congenial atmosphere for proper physical and mental development of the child at school level.
We are trying to instill in the children the qualities that lay emphasis on creativity and freedom for all round development of the child's personality in our school. We also try to inculcate the qualities of leadership and intellectual frevor which and pace. A new concept and approach to education can only bring a totally new and refreshing atmosphere and we are confident of achieving this cherished goal.

General information

Bhuvanagiri Public School is primarily a secular Co-educational residential, non profit making Institution with English as the medium of instruction. We teach Telugu and Hindi as additional languages from I standard for the I.C.S.E. (10th standard). We are minimizing the class room strength to about 25 in order to provide more individual attention. Besides this, we are planning for teacher, pupil ratio 1:25 to have on eye on the child's development at every level and every movement.

Location of school

The school is situated in a vast area of 25 acres at Krishnaveni Nagar, Kukkala Doddi Village which
is located exactly in between Rly. Kodur and Renigunta with in the border of Chittoor district. It is blessed with good climatic conditions and pastoral landscapes surrounded by green hills on all sides. The site is particularly selected for its scenic beauty, serene atmosphere and quietude. We want to be away from the modern town civilization to have a world of our own where no out-side influence can dampen the spirits of our children from learning. We intend to grow beautiful lawn and multicoloured flower plants in our campus. So that the pleasant vision fills the child's mind with peace. On the whole we are planning to make our school a paradisiacal bliss for children.

School Education curriculum

As it is noted earlier that the school is affiliated to Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi,
the school aims at maintaining high standards of academic excellence. The medium of instruction is English.
Hindi and Telugu are taught as second and third languages.

Teaching staff

As medium of instruction is English, we have appointed highly qualified persons as teaching staff who are dedicated to the profession. They have been selected from all over the country.

Preparatory class

In addition to the school hours, there are 3 hours of preparatory class to the students daily in the school. These study classes are supervised by their class teachers and the weak children are paid special attention during these classes.

Computer science

Having known the importance of computer science in the day world we intend to stars as many courses as possible. At present we have made a provision to teach computer science. Our computer lab is the focal point for academic learning and exploration which has all the excitement and adventure the technology has to offer. Computer science course is a compulsory subject from class IV onwards. Our programmer
contract is carefully structured to address the learning characteristics of young children.


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