Cautions to Students

1. Damage done to buildings, furniture, library books, sports goods etc. must be paid for at the discretion of the Principal / Headmistress.

2. Pupils are responsible for their own books, fountain pens, gold ornaments or any other articles. While every effort is made by the school to reduce loss of such articles, the ultimate responsibility rests with the children themselves.

3. Any serous breach of discipline and above all disrespect and disobedience to the member of the school staff inside or outside the school premises will be treated seriously.

4. Late - coming from home, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniforms, carelessness in studies will be viewed seriously.

5. Promotion is entirely dependent on his/her attendance and performance in each and every Unit test and Terminal Examination.

6. Students are instructed to be clean and tidy in their dress, books and all their belongings.

7. Pupils are expected to take part in all extra curricular activities of the school ad no one will be exempted for valid reasons.

8. No students will be exempted from physical exercise and games without Medical Certificate.

9. All the students should converse only in English in the school premises to acquire greater skill in the use of the language.

10. Hair cut will be done every month for the boys from I to XII school and Girls I to V.

11. Good table manners should be followed during Break fast & Supper, Lunchtime avoiding spilling and wasting.

12. Any student found to have taken other students belonging will face automatic suspension.

13. Physical violence with other class mates / schoolmates inside the campus will not be condoned.

14. Photo attestation for our bonafied students will be executed by Principal only when the photo is taken with school uniform and not civil dress.


Cautions to parents

1. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in maintaining
discipline, including diligence, initiative, upright, behavior and courtesy.

2. Parents who seek information regarding their child's progress should do so from the head of the school and not from the class teacher.

3. Parents or Guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet the teacher during the school hours without the permission of the Correspondent / Principal / Headmistress.

4. Parents or Guardians are not allowed to wait near the class room or the verandah during the class hours.

5. Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularly, punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in their children's progress. They are specially requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are strictly followed.

6. Parents are advised not to encourage leave of absence for their ward to attend weddings (other tan blood relatives) and other routine social or relining functions at home.

7. Parents should ensure that their kid rejoins the school on scheduled-reopening dates after long holidays.

8. A record of the address of the parents/guardian is maintained in the school office. Any change of address should be communicated without delay.

9. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus including the school and Reception.

10. Parent should themselves get satisfied with the curriculum followed and facilities available at the school.

11. No visitor should directly enter the class room/hostel without prior permission of the school office.

12. Parents are advised not to send money, valuable things, edibles, and pickles ect to their children.

13. Parents / guardians can visit can visit their children only first and third Sunday between 11:00am to 02:00p.m .



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