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Physical Education

We strongly believe in the often quoted words of Aristotle "a sound mind in a sound body". We are laying special emphasis on physical education as it is prescribed in the school syllabus. Student at I.C.S.E. final examination.
The school has an excellent playground. Physical Exercise
and Games including Foot-ball, Base ball, Volley ball, Cricket, Tennis etc., and indoor games like Table Tennis, Shuttle, Ball badminton etc., are provided in the school.


Yoga is taught in the school. The children are put into
a necessary yoga exercise. We have appointed a good
instructor to promote good yogic exercise. The aim of
this training is to keep the child's mind with perfect
peace and to protect its health.


We have introduce karate, the martial art in our school. It will enable the children to protect themselves from evil situations and even prepare themselves to sacrifice for their country as militant citizen and patriots. Student who are interested to
join karate course should possess uniform. Parents are asked to send with their children the suitable uniform prescribed for it (this course will be introduced only if desired number of students join) Separate application should be submitted for admission into this course. The fee for this course is Rs. 500/- which must be paid at the time of admission.

Classical, Folk & Western Dance

We have introduced Bharatha Natyam, the classical dance.
It is taught to those students who wish to learn.
The parents / Guardians who are interested to admit their
children should submit the prescribed application form
separately. A fee of Rs. 500/- should also be paid at the
time of admission. (This cause will be commenced only
if desired number of students join).

SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)

We introduced S.U.P.W. for the students of higher classes to bride the gap between the world of work and the world of study. It helps for the development of knowledge, skills and attitude of the students and also to contribute their to the common good As the I.C.S.E. board incorporated evaluation of Socially useful and productive work, the school maintains record of the S.U.P.W. performed by each pupil.


The school has a well-equipped science laboratory.
All the necessary material is arranged so as to teach
the subject practically.

Audio - Visual Aids

Besides teaching in the classes we have installed
some audio visual aids for better understanding of
the topics.

Educational Tours

Two tours are arranged every year. One in the
winter and the other in summer. Besides these we
also arrange of discipline of the children


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